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Where the old world flavors of Beijing meet the modern techniques of Manhattan. Whether new to the Philippe experience or a seasoned connoisseur of Chef Chow’s many masterpieces, with a bountiful array of exquisite options, each guest can create their own personal culinary adventure.

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Hot & Sour Soup
bean curd, black mushrooms, bamboo shoots, chili & vinegar

Won Ton Soup
chicken or pork


Glazed Spare Ribs (6)

Salt & Pepper Calamari
wok-fried, garlic, scallion, dried red chili

Walnut Sesame Prawns* (6)
touch of cream


Chicken (3)

Beef (3)

Shrimp (3)


Scallion Pancake

Green Beans
black bean sauce

Vegetable Stir Fry
garlic sauce

Crispy Seaweed*
candied walnuts

garlic sauce

Bok Choy
garlic sauce

Steamed Mixed Vegetables

Salt & Pepper Eggplant
diced, wok-fried, garlic, scallion, dried red chili


Tofu Vegetable Stir Fry

Lo Mein with Tofu

Salt & Pepper Tofu
diced, wok-fried, garlic, scallion, dried red chili

Curried Tofu
yellow curry, sweet onions, snowpeas


Baby Green Salad
crispy wontons, sesame-soy vinaigrette

Crispy Duck Salad
wonton chips, honey sesame vinaigrette






Vegetable (3)

Shrimp (3)

Peking Duck (3)


Mr. Cheng’s Noodles
hand-pulled noodles in classic pork sauce

Vegetable Lo Mein

Chicken Flat Noodle


Pork Soup (6)

Wok Fried Pork (6)

Wok Fried Beef (6)

Steamed Dumpling Sampler (6)

Vegetable Dumplings (6)

Chicken Dumplings (6)

Shrimp Dumplings (6)

Duck and Cilantro Dumplings (6)


Brown Rice

Vegetable Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice

Pork Fried Rice

Shrimp Fried Rice


(Uptown Only)
Add a specialty cocktail or glass of house wine
Monday – Saturday
12:00 pm – 3:30 pm


Peking Duck (For 2/3)

Peking Chicken (For 2/3)


Green Prawns*
stir fried, vegetables, green chili, cashews

Black Prawns
sautéed in black bean sauce

Salt & Pepper Prawns
wok fried, garlic, scallion, dried red chili

Curried Prawns
yellow curry, sweet onions, snowpeas

Nine Seasons Spicy Prawns
wok fried, sweet & sour spicy sauce, dried red pepper

Special Prawns
clear sweet & sour sauce

White Prawns
egg white sauce


Chilean Sea Bass
sliced thin, half black bean sauce & half ginger-garlic sauce

Wok Seared Branzino
sweet & spicy eggplant

Drunken Sea Bass
white wine sauce

Salt & Pepper Sea Bass
ginger & scallion

Maine Lobster (5 – 5 ½lbs)
ginger, scallions, & cracked black pepper

Salt & Pepper Lobster (5- 5 ½lbs)

Red King Crabs (2 – 2 ½ lbs)


Beijing Chicken *
chicken breast, sweet red bean sauce with walnuts

Spicy Velvet Chicken
thin strips of chicken breast, vegetables,
chili in a clear broth

Kung Pao Chicken *
chicken breast, sweet red bean sauce, peanuts
& red hot peppers

Chicken Jo Lau
chicken breast, egg batter, pan-fried,
sweet garlic broth

Sweet & Sour Chicken
sweet & sour sauce, pineapple & bell peppers

Curried Chicken
yellow curry, sweet onions, snowpeas

Crispy Duck
house made pancakes


Crispy Beef
sweet orange and carrot sauce

Filet Mignon & Sugar Snaps
sautéed tenders with oyster sauce

Spicy Pepper Mignon
spicy brown garlic sauce,
green and yellow peppers

Filet Mignon & Green Beans
sautéed tenders, spicy brown garlic sauce

Slow Roasted Pork Butt
honey barbecue sauce and sugar snap peas

House Mignon
crusted & sliced with black pepper sauce

Philippe’s Surf & Turf
house mignon, South African lobster tails (2)


Warm Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake
caramel, frosted cocoa nibs, vanilla ice cream

Warm Apple & Almond Tart
caramel, almond crumble, soy milk ice cream

Cotton Candy Baked Alaska
strawberry semifreddo, chocolate cake, roasted strawberries

Fortune Cookie Red Velvet Cake
cream cheese icing, fresh raspberries

Yogurt Panna Cotta
roasted strawberries, dehydrated miso cake, caramel ice cream

Coconut Mousse
pineapple, kiwi, passion fruit, almond crumble, coconut sorbet

Dark Chocolate Layer Cake
milk chocolate cream, dark chocolate glaze, fresh raspberries, coconut sorbet

Ice Cream & Sorbet

Seasonal Fruit

Philippe Chow 11-Layer Birthday Cake
dark chocolate pound cake, milk chocolate crème filling, swiss meringue butter cream frosting, topped with cotton candy, chopsticks, gelatin balloons, “Happy Birthday” and gold sparkler
1 Tier, 6’’ Round 8’’ High, Serves 8.

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