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Chef, Philippe Chow

Since his humble beginnings as a teenage chef in Hong Kong restaurants, Executive Chef Philippe Chow has wowed thousands of diners and has cooked in many of the world’s most high-profile kitchens. In 2004, Chef Chow brought Philippe to the biggest culinary stage, NYC. It’s there that he established himself as a true pioneer and dining visionary. Chef Chow has created a dining experience coveted by the most talented restaurateurs. To have a restaurant that is equally praised for the quality of the food, the experience and the ability to stay hot, attracting Manhattan’s social elite and most sophisticated foodies, for nearly 15 years straight. With careful attention to detail, a commitment to bringing the flavors of his upbringing to the U.S., and a carefully crafted environment in which the “who’s who” of New York would feel at home, Chow was on his way to making culinary history. Philippe ushered in a new era for world-class chefs in Manhattan –one where substance drove notoriety.

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unparalleled service and award-winning Beijing-inspired cuisine that continue to make Philippe THE place to be.

The only thing better than your first visit to Philippe is the excitement of knowing that you’re going back. Manhattan offers the most adept foodies and scene-mavens no shortage of interesting restaurants. After nearly 15 years, the legendary restaurant continues to win awards and remains one of the most sought-after reservation.

In January 2019, Philippe Chow expands its brand by debuting a second NYC location in the Meatpacking District, one of the world’s most lively and magnetic places. Offering dinner late into the night, Philippe Downtown is a subterranean dining space that stays true to its original uptown modern aesthetic. With heavy emphasis on an unparalleled dining experience, guests can enjoy the many signature dishes that kept Chow in the limelight for all these years. And after you enjoy your Chicken Satay, Salt and Pepper Lobster and the legendary Peking Duck, Philippe Downtown presents rotating DJs that will add to your already memorable experience.

At Philippe, we vow to consistently deliver the utmost luxurious dining experience for lunch and dinner. Our Beijing style cuisine, served family style, has won many awards including “Best in Chinese” by Zagat and “Best Peking Duck” from New York Observer. Our signature dishes continue to amaze. Be it the Salt & Pepper Lobster, Chicken Satay, Filet Mignon with oyster sauce and Glazed Spare Ribs or the Peking Duck, which is carved tableside and served with house-made pancakes, our food delivers on an unparalleled experience. It’s one that comes from the best ingredients, skillful attention to detail, care for cultural particulars, and effort and care — in every dish.

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